Black Powder Rum Trio Gift Box


It’s definitely a rum thing with our handy trio of Severed Hand Rums!

Each gift box houses our three incredibly popular rums each presented in 200ml bottles.

Caribbean – A rich full-bodied spirit with delicious notes of cinnamon, sweet floral vanilla, layered with hints of coconut and soft caramelised sugar. A wonderfully versatile spirit that can be served neat, on the rocks, and in a variety of rum-based cocktails

Jamaican Spiced – Spice is always in vogue, and for those who like a flavoursome twist to their cocktails or simply an alternative sipping choice to straight rum, try our chilli, sweet vanilla and cinnamon-infused spiced rum. A warming full-bodied spirit that’s sure to satisfy the rum lover in everyone.

Roasted Hazelnut – Soft aromas meet the nose with scents of brown sugar, dried fruit and toasted hazelnut. A smooth, rich, full-bodied spirit with additional notes of vanilla and cinnamon and a sweet oaky kick that’s sure to satisfy the rum-lover in everyone.

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