Twisted Wheel Standish


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Having just been named Best New Brewer in Greater Manchester by Rate Beer this Standish start-up boasts some eye-watering IPA’s packed with Citra and Mosaic Hops and with Nothern Soul crammed into each can you are in for a treat. All cans are unfinned and unfiltered so expect some Haze.

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Sunday Sessions 3.8% 440ml Can, Speed Wobble 4.7% 440ml Can, HooDoo VooDoo 6.5% 440ml Can, Clouds across the Moon 6.0% 440ml Can, Space Hopper 7.5% 440ml Can, Friday On My Mind 11% 440ml Can, Thrive to survive DIPA 8% 440ml Can, Call It Something Nice 6.6% 440ml Can, Purple Haze 6.5% 440ml Can, Technicolour Beat 4.3% 440ml Can, Bridge Over Troubled Water 5% 440ml Can, Soul City 6.5% 440ml Can

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