Joseph Holt 5L Gas Carbonated Mini Kegs


Missing Proper Lager in  a pint glass ? 

Our most popular Kegs. No need to spend £100’s on expensive home kits we are the Fylde Coasts only retailer of Joesph Holts range of 5l (9Pint) mini-kegs. 170 years of beer innovation has gone into fully carbonated mini-kegs. Theres’s a built in Gas canister that pressurizes the keg so it pours like a proper beer. We also price match Holts website but our delivery is free during lock down (Holts would need to courier it to you for £7)

We sell the full range, 4 lagers, 2 IPA’s, a Bitter, Stout and a Mild. Enjoy.



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Mini Bitter Cask Ale, Crystal Lager 5L Mini Keg, Crystal Gold Lager 5L Mini Keg, Diamond Lager 5L Mini Keg, Spin Doctor Mini Keg, Northern Hop Pale Ale Mini Keg, Trailblazer Stout Mini Keg, Black 5L Mini Keg, Fiesta Express IPA Mini Keg, Bitter 5L Mini Keg

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