Beer in Box and handpump Hire

Hand pull freshly tapped cask Ale from the comfort of your home or man cave and give any social gathering the WOW factor.

Beer in Box from the Shipwreck is available in 9 pint, 18 pint or 35-pint boxes and any of a your choice of any beer style available just call us on 540597 for whats available. You can choose what available from a range of different beer styles and we can even order in.

You can serve the beer directly from the box or you can connect it to a your handpump for a perfect pint. You can even hire a handpull for a week for just £20. See our videos to see how easy it is.

Product Videos

Watch our handy videos guides and see how The shipwreck Brewhouse ‘Beer in box’ delivery let’s you pull the perfect pint at home, using onne of our hand pump hires or beer frother

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