Loyalty Card Terms & Conditions

£10 Card Purchase. £5 is retained for costs and £5 direct to Care 4 Cleveleys. The Card is valid for a Full 12 months from date of Purchase and can be renewed each year.

Fair Play

The Management Reserve the right to withdraw the offer at all times. The terms and conditions of the renewal are also subject to change. One card Per Household Up to 2 named Persons

Lost Cards

You can purchase up to 1 replacement Card for £5 subject only to availability. We will transfer any House Credit to the new Card . Please keep a record of your card number.

Forgotten Card

This is a secure swipe system . The discount only works with the hardware it cannot be over ridden at the till . If you have forgotten or temporarily lost your card . Please retain your receipt and we will process any credits due back of house. This may take up to 24 hours and cant be done at busy times.

Information Held on Database

Each Card will need a name on it before it can be issued so we can identify you Data kept is for identification purposes only we will not contact unless it is to return a card or you have agreed to be contacted for marketing. We will never sell or pass on your information in any way.

Temporary Till Issues

If the tills are down or the readers wont work please retain your receipt and we will add your credit when they are back working

Permanent Loss of data

In the unlikely even the till thats hold the data is stollen or broken and the data is unrecoverable we will issue all Card Holders a £10 Bar Credit as full and final apology
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